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Qualita Italiana - We are Direct Importers of silver since 1971. All of these chains are made by the same factories each time in Italy. This guarantees you consistency in purchasing our fine quality silver and their weights. What you purchase today, is what you will receive on your next order.

All the chains offered by Qualita Italiana - MBTC are made from .925 finest quality Italian silver. Italian silver is very valuable because of its superior craftsmanship and rarity. It has been a major aspect of the silver industry since the early 1870s and is used most often for high quality silver jewelry.

Being a direct importer, we are able to offer our customers the finest selection of Italian sterling silver chain with dependable customer service and the most competitive prices. With nearly 50 years of expertise, we provide service to all levels of buyers, from wholesale distributors and multi-store buyers to small business entrepreneurs.

These chains are only available at wholesale prices for our clients. Tax ID Required

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If you don't see a style of chain that you desire, please contact us. used most often for high quality silver jewelry.